Our History

Thank You for visiting Millburn Stables Venue and Art Barn!


Millburn Stables started out  with a small five stall barn for our family of five. Each having our own horse. After several long cold winters, the large barn was erected. It has 36 stalls with a large indoor riding arena, viewing room and tack room. Millburn Stables was incorporated in 1992. It was mostly a hunter jumper show barn with a little western riding tossed in. In 2015, the state filed a lawsuit (eminent domain) for the majority of the farm  for the new intersection of Route 45 & Grass Lake Road. Soon after that, we repurposed the large barn building. We left the horse charm intact and so Millburn Art Barn and Venue was born.


The Art Barn is run by Mrs. B, a former public school art teacher who carries a degree in art education with a masters. Mrs. B.  has a passion to teach art to all levels and most importantly to have fun while creating art. The Art & Event Venue took a long time rebuilding and wondered if it was even possible, but with God all things are possible. It was a “Dream come true”.